Pedro Llabres Ramis

Pedro Llabres Ramisis a building master, who is mainly in the centre of the island working. The small company works very reliably and punctually at reasonable prices. All the same whether if you want some changes in existing building or the construction of a whole house, Mr. Llabres Ramis co-operates closely with plumbers, electricians and carpenters of his confidence.

Pedro Llabres Ramis
Aptdo. de Correos
Polígono IV, Parcela 56
E-07140 Sencelles
best to reach at his cellphone +34 609 736 854

Offers the sealers of the trademark DRYTREAT, which give the solution against humidity and stains. If you have at your property a problem with humiditiy at walls, sand-stone, terraces, roof terraces, tiles or you would like to avoid stains at your terracotta, joints, walls and floors as well as all types of stone - here you will find the perfect solution with warranty.

Evitarhumedad / Samarealty S.L.

Plaza Hostals, 21C
E-07320 Santa Maria
Tel. +34 971 921 652
Fax +34 971 621 615


Rustic Mallorca Construcciones J. Sanchez

Mr. Sanchez and its team work all over the island. Whether you would like to establish a small annex, a restoring or a residential complex, he will do all this works. He co-operates with the diverse plumbers, electricians and carpenters. Its speciality is the renovation/reorganization of old buildings with old materials, or new buildings, which are provided with original materials.

Rustic Mallorca Construcciones J. Sanchez
C/ Doctor Carrió, 10
E-07440 Muro
best to reach at his cellphone +34 666 541 143